Directed Retreats

Susan (right) and co-presenter Ann Wagstaff (left) direct half day, full day and weekend long retreats that provide one or more of the following:

  • instructive and inspiring talks, biblically based
  • faith-filled and heartfelt sharing
  • prayer
  • small group work
  • live music performed by Susan (including the Sung Rosary)
  • arts and crafts provided by Ann

Susan and Ann, both members of the Commission for Women of the Diocese of Worcester, MA, have provided the following retreats:

Lenten Retreat
“Loving God, Loving Neighbor”

This is a weekend-long retreat focusing on the Two Great Commandments – Loving God and Loving Neighbor. Filled with biblical teaching, heartfelt sharing, music and sung prayer (including the Sung Rosary, Sorrowful Mysteries, presented in Power Point with images, scripture and the music), this powerful retreat experience is the perfect way to focus on Lenten repentance and transformation, drawing you closer to God with deeper love of neighbor.

Read about, see slide show presentations and hear music from the Vita Nova Women’s Retreat (March 11-13, 2011) where this retreat was successfully presented.

Read one of the talks presented on the retreat with teaching on the story of Martha and Mary, demonstrating the need to love God first before loving neighbor.

reference from Rose Marie Cusson, Coordinator 2011 Women Retreat, Vita Nova of NH:

“The team of the 2011 Vita Nova Women Retreat would like to thank the tag team of Susan Bailey and Ann Wagstaff for their thoughtful and engaging presentations.  We enjoyed the faith- filled beautiful music, sung rosary with video, and witness from Susan.  Anne was lighthearted in her witness and her teaching talents engaged us in interactive presentations to promote personal growth and knowledge of oneself. Anne also offered her artistic and personal attention to the detail of pertinent decorations enhancing the spiritual atmosphere of the weekend.

“They are a fine balance of two differently talented ladies that complement each other well.  It was obvious that they loved Jesus and were open and willing to serve the Lord.”

Becoming a Beautiful Godly Woman

This is a half-day retreat using the examples of Mary, the Mother of God and several Old and New Testament women to demonstrate that total surrender to God makes us beautiful both outside and in. It begins with a prayer service followed by a detailed look at Mary’s “yes” to  God, moving to a “Women of Faith” beaded bracelet crafts project, and ending with the community Blessing of Hands. Live and recorded music is woven into this half-day retreat.

Read about, see slide show presentations and hear the talk and some music from the Half Day Women’s Retreat in Henniker, NH at St. Theresa’s (June 11, 2011)  (link coming soon).

Listen to the talk given by Susan, plus some of the music she shared:


Here you can read Susan’s 11-part series on this topic on her blog. Each post has links to the other posts in the series.

Read about and see the special Women of Faith Bracelet that Ann helped the participants create (link coming soon)

Susan and Ann are most happy to work with you in crafting a retreat that will best serve your community. Visit Susan’s Contact Page to write and inquire.