Wait with Me: Advent of the Promised Son

Has the commercial Christmas turned you into a Scrooge? Do you feel so stressed out from all the obligations of Christmas that you can’t appreciate its true meaning? Sample this very different collection of songs reflecting on Advent and Christmas, performed by Susan in an earthy acoustic style. Within these ten soothing songs you will find beautiful meditations on passages from Isaiah prophesying the coming Messiah, Mary, the Mother of God, the birth of Christ and the mystery of the incarnation. By the time you come to the end of this lovely CD, you will have found a quiet refuge, far away from hectic holiday obligations.

If you are looking for new liturgical music, Wait with Me can supply you with thoughtful choices for the Advent and Christmas season masses, especially as songs for meditation. Sheet music is available here.

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* * * * * If you want new music for your Christmas Eve service…
By Nick Alexander (Fairfield, CT United States)
I’m going to say something that most people wouldn’t dare to–I recommend the purchase of this entire CD on the basis of one song. Not that the other songs aren’t worth it, they are. But the one song, “Promised Son” is such a hit with the church that I sang it for, Christmas Eve two years ago. The whole church listened in raptured silence as I performed a cover of Susan Bailey’s song. It was immediately accepted as part of the official Christmas canon, even though nobody has heard of indie artist Susan Bailey.

“Promised Son” is just one cut in this entirely wonderful album, a mainstay in my Christmas collection (even tho it’s more for Advent). This gives the Christmas music an added boost, as it reminds you of the time you’re in… celebrating the anticipation of the Birth of Jesus, and giving new dimensions to the holiday cheer.

If you want your Christmas Eve service to be different from the same old, same old, and have fantastic new songs, this album is for you.

* * * * * Thanks Susan
By MJ Kriz (Northboro , Massachusetts)
This review is from: Wait with Me: Advent of the Promised Son (Audio CD)
This cd of Susan’s brought the meaning of Advent back to myself and my family. The music is just so beautiful and really reminds me of what this is about. Susan has a way like no one else to invoke the Holy Spirit. I have never been so touched by music for Ddvent as this CD……thanks so much