Can’t hear Susan live? You’re in luck! Susan has a wealth of podcasts on a variety of topics from prayer, to everyday life, to Catholic music and theatre.

What is podcasting? Free radio on the internet. Your chance to listen to quality radio programs whenever you wish, either on your computer, or on your iPod or digital music device. Susan provides rich and varied programming, sharing from her life, narrating for popular actress Linda Gray Kelley’s “Women of the Bible” series, praying the rosary in song and spoken word, and interviewing the best in today’s Catholic music. All of Susan’s podcasts are available via iTunes, free of charge. You can also listen on the players provided below:

Susan’s Podcasts

Marian Cenacle Rosary Podcast
 w/"How Can I Keep from Singing"

Women of the Bible:
The Good Girls & The Bad Girls

GrapeVine News Minute
The best in Catholic music

Marian Cenacle Rosary Podcast (with “How Can I Keep from Singing”)
Is is possible to create a virtual prayer community on the internet? Susan has done so with this rosary podcast where she eads the rosary in song and spoken prayer according to the Marian Movement of Priests Cenacle format. Lasting approximately 35 minutes, this podcast includes the rosary, prayers for the Pope, a reading from Fr. Stefano Gobbi’s book, To the Priests. and ends with a consecration to Mary.

How has praying the rosary along with reading the scriptures and service to others shaped Susan’s life? You can find out by listening to “How Can I Keep from Singing,” a supplement to the Marian Cenacle Rosary Podcast. It is a podcast full of hope and trust in a loving God who has His hand in everything we do. Each podcast concludes with a special song performed by Susan.

Women of the Bible: The Good Girls & the Bad Girls
The Bible is full of fascinating women, some with inspiring faith, others with more ‘colorful’ backgrounds. Based on the award-winning play written and performed by Linda Gray Kelley, “Women of the Bible” is your chance to meet these women up close and personal: the famous, and the infamous. This contemporary interpretation is full of real life with pathos and humor. Even the good girls are flawed which means there’s hope for us all! Susan has produced this colorful podcast for Linda Gray Kelley, introducing each character.

GrapeVine News Minute Podcast
Nothing makes Susan happier than to share the joys and blessings of Catholic music with others. As the former editor for 10 years of GrapeVine, the one-stop connection to Catholic music, Susan shared news, interviews and music from the finest in Catholic music today in her GrapeVine News Minute Podcast.

Susan had the privilege of interviewing Matt Maher, Dan Schutte of the St. Louis Jesuits, Steve Angrisano, John Angotti, Fr. Stan Fortuna, Rob Evans (The Donut Man) and many other Catholic artists.

Here is a sample video she produced for the GrapeVine News Minute:

Susan interviewed Matt Maher at the 2008 Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show.

See all of Susan’s GrapeVine Videos on her YouTube Channel.