Being with beautiful Godly women in Henniker, NH – half day retreat highlights

Ann and I had the wonderful privilege of leading a half day retreat for some 65-70 women at St. Theresa’s Parish in Henniker, NH on Saturday, June 11. The theme was Becoming a Beautiful Catholic Women, organized by the Women’s Ministry of St. Theresa’s (and especially Eileen Murray), the day started with a beautiful mass celebrated by a brand new priest (he’s the tall one in the picture)!

We were then entertained by a humorous skit depicting women preparing for the day by making themselves beautiful. The first half showed 2 women frantically getting prepared, putting on make-up, getting dressed, etc. The second half showed 2 women who took time to be with the Lord before getting dressed. You can see some great pictures of the skit, along with other pictures from the retreat, on the slide show at the end of this post.

I then gave the keynote address, using Mary as the model to follow for becoming a beautiful Catholic woman. You can hear the address here, plus some music I played:


You can also read my blog posts about this topic.

Ann then led a beautiful scripture-filled prayer service highlighting faith-filled women of the Bible. We all prayed a response after hearing each reading which was read by women attending the retreat. There’s a picture of Ann with the readers in the slide show.

She concluded the morning with a terrific craft project where women made bracelets with beads depicting different pious women of the Bible. It was a wonderful keepsake for each participant to take home, to remember the retreat. In the picture you can see what the bracelet looks like and some of the readings that accompanied it.

Here’s a slide show showing highlights from the retreat, accompanied by “How Beautiful,” sung by Annie Karto and Donna Cori Gibson, from Annie’s “Perfect Sacrifice” CD.


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12 Responses to “Being with beautiful Godly women in Henniker, NH – half day retreat highlights”

  1. JOAN Says:

    how wonderful. loved your teaching on what really is a beautiful GODLYwomen. loved it

  2. Susan Bailey Says:

    Thank you Joan! So glad you enjoyed the retreat.

  3. Eileen Says:

    What a great synopsis of our morning, Susan!!

  4. Susan Bailey Says:


  5. Katie Says:

    I listened to what was posted, loved it! I really liked the approach you used for Godly Women.

    Most of all, I love your music.

  6. Katie Says:

    Wherever did you find the Mary’s of different cultures. I listened intently last night, loved Godly Women presentation and would love to read the skit that was the introduction. KatieD

  7. Susan Bailey Says:

    Thank you, and thanks for listening!

  8. Susan Bailey Says:

    I found the process of creating this talk to be quite the journey. It began a transformation in learning how to surrender everything to God.

  9. Susan Bailey Says:

    I wish you could have seen the pictures, maybe I will post them on the blog. It wasn’t easy finding them via Google but I did end up finding quite a few. I will post them on the blog, they are definitely worth seeing.

    The skit was mostly pantomime, too bad someone didn’t videotape it, it was very clever.

  10. Susan Bailey Says:

    I just posted to the blog the images of Mary from around the world that I used in my talk – you can see them here

  11. Nancy Krebs Says:

    Hello Susan,

    Great slide show presentation describing your retreat. It looks like it was a wonderful experience for everyone involved. Keep up the good work!

    Nancy <

  12. Susan Bailey Says:

    Thank you! Yes it was a great day.

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